TC Line calls for Friday, Oct. 30, 2020

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Two weeks into preseason, CU men’s basketball showing signs of defensive improvement

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Town of Berthoud drafts policy for incentivizing business with fee waivers, tax rebates and more

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Annual U.S. Cannabis Tax Revenue Poised to Break $2 Billion with Election Sweep

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CSU suffers lopsided season-opening defeat at Fresno State

Colorado State played a football game for the first in 335 days upon traveling to Fresno State for a delayed season-opener on Thursday night. That alone created a pregame buzz inside the locker room and amongst CSU’s fanbase as the Rams prepared to break the second-longest span between competition in program history. It wasn’t the […]

Mike Tyson Says His Daughter Convinced Him to Confront Boosie`s Homophobia

"I was Boosie at one time." That`s Mike Tyson explaining why he felt compelled to confront rapper Boosie Badazz over his history of homophobic comments ... saying he knows what it`s like to go from ignorant to enlightened. Tyson got right to the…

TikTok user`s carrot-chopping antics stun Internet: `I think he`s my soulmate`

TikTok user and true innovator Steel.Jobe has become something of a social-media sensation after he was filmed biting apart a carrot and spitting it back into his blender.

Deadly Knife Attack in French Church Is Terrorism, Officials Say

A man with a knife killed three people at a church in Nice, in an assault that bore similarities to the recent killing of a schoolteacher, which has shaken the country.

Bellator 250: Gegard Mousasi regains MMA middleweight title

Gegard Mousasi has added another mixed martial arts title to his legacy. The 35-year-old Mousasi, who has been an MMA fighter for 17 years, regained his Bellator MMA middleweight title at 185 pounds with a five-round unanimous decision victory over Douglas Lima, the current welterweight champion, in Thursday’s main event of Bellator 250. The event...

Humans Have Been Living In Space For 20 Years Straight

Since 2000, there have always been humans living and working on the International Space Station -- and the streak could just be getting started. National Geographic reports: On Halloween in the year 2000, a Russian Soyuz rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and flew into the history books, carrying one U.S. astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts to the nascent International Space Station (ISS). The crew arrived two days later, and the space station has been continuously occupied by humans ever since, a 20-year streak of living and working in low-Earth orbit. "There`s kids now who are in college who, for their entire lives, we`ve been living off the planet," says Kenny Todd, NASA`s deputy program manager for the ISS. "When I was a kid, that was all stuff that was just dreams." The orbiting laboratory is among the most expensive and technologically complex objects ever built: a $150-billion pressurized habitat as long as a football field, whizzing 254 miles above Earth`s surface at 17,000 miles an hour. Over the decades, 241 women and men from around the world have temporarily called the space station home, some for nearly a full year at a time. "It`s pretty crazy -- I`m surprised we haven`t, like, really seriously hurt anybody," says retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent nearly a year on one ISS stay. "It`s really a testament to the seriousness [with which] people on the ground take this job, the attention to detail." Upward of a hundred thousand people have worked together to design, build, launch, and operate the sprawling station, says David Nixon, who worked with NASA on ISS designs in the mid-1980s. "When you compare the station to the procession of great structures and buildings built by humanity since the dawn of civilization, it`s up there with the Pyramids, the Acropolis -- all the great structures and edifices," he says. The future of the ISS remains uncertain. "The station is currently slated to run until at least 2024, and much

Saweetie Is All Three Members of Destiny`s Child in Incredible `Bootylicious` Remake Video

Halloween came early for the rapper`s fans with three times the diva as Saweetie fought for screentime with herself as Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams! Halloween came early for Saweetie`s fans as the rapper took on one of the most iconic musical trios of all time -- and she didn`t need any help from her friends, either! Incredibly, the artist managed to capture the look, feel and attitude of all three members of Destiny`s Child for an incredibly intricate recreation of the group`s iconic "Bootylicious" video. With costuming on point from the `00s era jam, she was able to transform herself with incredible makeup work, hair styling and body language to truly embody Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams ... all at the same time. She even recreated the original single`s album cover (offering side-by-side comparisons via her Instagram page) because if you`re gonna do a thing, do that thing all the way! "I don`t think you ready for this jelly," she teased her fans on social media before unleashing the full video clip. And she was right. We weren`t ready, and we aren`t worthy. It`s one thing to capture the look perfectly of one of those R&B legends. It`s another thing to nail the diverse looks of all three. It`s a whole different level to then recreate both the album cover and the music video as all three of them at once! It`s over. Heidi Klum can pack it in. Saweetie just won Halloween! The feat quickly got her trending across social media, as fans devoured her incredible video, loving the attention to detail and clear affection she has for these queens. And if fan adulation wasn`t enough validation, Kelly Rowland shared the video to her own Instagram , telling Saweetie, "You straight bodied this! Love you boo!" You can check out the clip and some of that fan reaction below: Got a story or tip for us? Email TooFab editors at .

Reed & React: Broncos OLB steps in again, makes most of shot

With Von Miller out with his injury, the Denver Broncos needed somebody to step up in the pass rush department and Malik Reed has done that. He has impressed teammate Bradley Chubb, who see his potential as "through the roof."

YouTuber attacked by flying cheese fondue in spectacular viral video

YouTuber Tasty Hoon has gone viral with his latest mukbang video, in which his attempt at a cheese fondue went incredibly, hilariously wrong. At least it still seemed to taste good. In the eight-minute clip uploaded on Wednesday and shared over 42,000 times on Twitter , the South Korean YouTuber prepared to enjoy a delicious-looking meal of fried chicken and cheese. It`s a common food combination, and many YouTubers before him have pulled it off without incident. Tasty Hoon`s downfall, however, was that he attempted to liven up his video by putting the cheese in a fountain. It sounds like an inspired idea — cheese fondue fountains are absolutely a thing, and it would add an interesting visual element to his mise en scene. Unfortunately his cheese wasn`t quite liquid enough, and the situation quickly got messy. Read more... More about Food , Cheese , Tasty Food , Tasty Videos , and Mukbang

TC Line calls for Friday, Oct. 30, 2020

One thing the Trump administration has been good for is — I`ve got to admit — it`s expanded my vocabulary. I didn`t used to know what the word misogynistic meant.

Two weeks into preseason, CU men’s basketball showing signs of defensive improvement

The Colorado men’s basketball team isn’t anywhere near where head coach Tad Boyle would prefer at this stage of the preseason.

Town of Berthoud drafts policy for incentivizing business with fee waivers, tax rebates and more

Berthoud may soon have a written policy for businesses seeking incentives to invest in the town, with grants, tax- and fee-based programs and other options on the table.

Late Night Randomness (24 Photos)

Late Night Randomness is a collection of photos we have found in searching the web that don’t necessarily fit in with our other posts or is perhaps a little too edgy to present earlier in the day. They’re still cool and beautiful, so we wanted to share them with you. Do you have an image … The post Late Night Randomness (24 Photos) appeared first on Suburban Men .

Scary Story Contest: Honorable mention (sixth through eighth grade), In the Closet

Rex Hanson  Cañon City Middle School Seventh Grade “Mommy! I’m scared!” screamed six-year-old Tyler. His mom lazily jogged into his room, sitting at the edge of his bed. This was the fourth time in the last three days that he’s done this, and it was getting old. “What’s the matter, sweetie?” she asked, perfectly concealing […]

Annual U.S. Cannabis Tax Revenue Poised to Break $2 Billion with Election Sweep

On the eve of another huge election for cannabis, the experts at the Tax Foundation talked with L.A. Weekly about their look at the potential value of each new cannabis market to states’ coffers. Ulrik Boesen is a senior policy analyst with the Center for State Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation. He recently highlighted […] The post Annual U.S. Cannabis Tax Revenue Poised to Break $2 Billion with Election Sweep appeared first on LA Weekly .

Congressman Neguse visits, praises Stanley Hotel employees

On Thursday (Oct. 29), Congressman for Colorado’s 2nd District, Joe Neguse and U.S. Senator for Colorado, Michael Bennet paid a visit to Estes Park to not only praise the work that has been done by our community, but also to look ahead to how the region recovers when the two largest fire’s in state history […]

How Is Snow Impacting Colorado’s Wildfires?

On October 22nd, Estes Park was evacuated. Two of Colorado’s largest-ever wildfires were about to merge. The situation was dire as homes burned, and hundreds of thousands of acres of Northern Colorado’s mountain forests had [...] This post How Is Snow Impacting Colorado’s Wildfires? previously appeared on North Forty News .

Inspector general: More Amtrak safety workers need drug testing

Amtrak conducts random drug tests on conductors and engineers but fails to include about 4,000 other employees who work in safety-related positions, the company’s inspector general said in a new report released Thursday. While the National Transportation Safety Board recommends random drug tests of all transportation employees in positions that could affect employee safety or […] The post Inspector general: More Amtrak safety workers need drug testing appeared first on Roll Call .

Best of Boulder East County 2020

Click here to read the Best of Boulder East County 2020 digital edition. Another year, another Best of Boulder East County has arrived. Kind of. As you’ve no doubt heard a million trillion times already, 2020 is a year unlike any other. We’re not here to dispel that notion, but we were pleasantly surprised that […] The post Best of Boulder East County 2020 appeared first on Boulder Weekly .

NFL Week 8: The Best Football Bets, Odds and Expert Picks

Presented by BetOnline That $500 you have burning a hole in your pocket this week? I have some ideas as to what to do with it. It’s time to turn that bankroll into something real. Like Breaking Bad’s Walter White, we’re not just in the moneymaking business. We’re in the empire business. If this is ...

Colorado Republicans’ best hope for political relevance is to retake control of the state Senate this election

After Democrats` sweep of most state offices, Colorado Republicans` best hope is to retake control of the state Senate this election. Meanwhile, Democrats are eyeing swing districts.

GDP, jobless claims, pending home sales

Partial recovery but recent data shows growth stalling while a large gap (unemployment) persists as tariffs, covid, and no additional fiscal support continue: The gap initially closed relatively quickly, but progress has slowed: The post GDP, jobless claims, pending home sales appeared first on The Center of the Universe .

Massive UFO flies over Hawaii: Video

A massive unidentified flying object was captured on film early Monday morning by onlookers from several islands. The massive UFO appeared to be one large object and was flying at a rather slow rate of speed across the nighttime sky at around 3:28 a.m. Hawaii time. Twitter user @haynlemon Tweeted: “Yoooo just experienced to most The post Massive UFO flies over Hawaii: Video appeared first on Intellihub .